Arthrosurface® Inc was established in 2002 to develop new, less invasive treatments for people with painful joints who are too old for a biological treatment and too young or active for a joint replacement. Just like a dentist fills a cavity, instead of replacing the whole tooth, the Arthrosurface technology fills the area of missing cartilage with an implant so that your joint stays intact and essentially normal. The idea is that the “first” implant you receive for the joint disease should be an Arthrosurface HemiCAP because you want to save as much of your joint as you can while maintaining natural motion and the surrounding tissue structures.

Arthrosurface’s efforts are focused on the development of technology that restores articular cartilage damage of the joints using minimal access surgical procedures. These joints include the knee, shoulder, foot, ankle, and hip. In 2004, the Company launched its first products and in the last 9 years over 40,000 patients have received an Arthrosurface implant.

Arthrosurface was incubated and spun off by STD Med, Inc. a medical device manufacturing company owned by several of the founding shareholders of Arthrosurface. STD Med is an “original equipment manufacturer” (“OEM”) for a number of medical device companies with a strong history of medical product development and enhancement. STD Med has successfully spun out 4 companies since 2000. Two companies, Angiolink and Spirus Medical have gone on to be acquired and recently the third company, CardioSolutions, developed a partnership with a cardiac company for its Mitral Valve technology. In 2003, Arthrosurface partnered with Boston Millennia Partners, a prestigious Venture Capital company, to provide funding and expertise.

The Arthrosurface team is made up of experienced individuals in the medical device industry and there are now over 5,000 surgeons using the products in over 25 countries. Find out more at myjointonlybetter.com.

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